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Fun ideas on ways to celebrate the seasons and simply spend time together as a family, both indoors and outdoors.

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Inspire Learning this Summer
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Boost Summer Learning

Calling all future scientists! This summer, invite your kids to discover the awesome outcomes of these 9 kid-friendly science experiments.
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Summer Science Experiments

What To Do in August
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Awesome Ways to Spend August Days

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Camp-Inspired Backyard Games

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What to Do in July

Summer Adventures for Babies
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Fun Adventures for Babies

Turn Friday-night games into a fun-filled way to practice math with a deck or two of cards and a couple of willing players.
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Genius Ways to Have Fun with Math

8 Great National Parks for Families
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National Parks for Families

12 Ways to Reboot Your Summer
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Fun Ways to Start Off Summer

Salt Crystals Experiment
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Grow Salt Crystals

Laundry Basket Theater
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Random Improv Dress Up Play

Easy Community Service Ideas for Kids
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25 Community Service Ideas

Bubbly Slime
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Bubbling Slime

Scavenger Hunts for Little Detectives
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Baby Scavenger Hunts